Using Job Board Network to search for jobs

How do I get my jobs included on the Job Board Network?
We no longer accept public job postings, but collect and display postings from our many aggregator partners and niche and industry-specific affiliate partners. To have your jobs display on our site, please post them with one of our partners sites or call us about starting an affiliate program.
What industry verticals are served by the Network?
Our network currently contains over 200 individual industry-specific job board sites with more being added every day. Click here for a complete list.
How do I find jobs using the Job Board Network?
You can search for jobs from the Job Board Network home page or in the Location and zipcode boxes at the top of any page. To run a search, simply type keywords into the "Keywords" box describing the kind of job you want, and enter a zip code in the "Zipcode" box. Then click the 'Go' button or hit the Enter key on your keyboard. Click the "Advanced Search" link to learn about multiple word (Boolean) search techniques.

After you've run a search, click on any job title to view the job details. This takes you out of Job Board Network to the website listing the job.
How do I submit my resume and apply to jobs?
As a job aggregator site, many of the jobs you'll see will originate on other job boards, and most job application links will direct you back to the originating site to apply. In addition, many of our direct employers have online application process to which you will be directed.
Why do you have a resume upload feature on your site and should I use this?
Just as you have a preferred way to search for jobs, many employers do as well and a lot of them prefer to search through resume databases instead of posting jobs. This especially applies if an employer is thinking about replacing a current employee but doesn't want to tip their hand yet. Unfortunately, many of these "hidden" and high level jobs get filled through resume database searches without ever getting posted, so if you want to be considered for them, you need to post your resume in our system.
How do I see only new jobs?
We put an eyeball next to each job you've viewed, but to only show jobs that have been added to the site since you last visited, Log in and go to My preferences to change this setting. You must allow us to set a cookie on your PC to enable our system to recognize you. Without this cookie, you will get every job, every time. Bummer.
Using the Job Board Network Forum
The Job Board Network forum is a great way to network with other job seekers in your industry. You can inquire about opportunities at certain companies, or get the scoop on your potential new boss.
How do I find jobs closer to or farther from where I'm searching?
The default setting is 40 miles. To change the search radius, log in and go to My preferences to change this setting. You must allow us to set a cookie on your PC to enable our system to recognize you. Without this cookie, the system will default to 50 miles. Bummer.
My search is not returning enough results. What can I do?
Check your spelling or use different search terms, or remove all search terms. By default, our system search for jobs in your industry so any words you add are just refining your results. You may also try increasing your search radius.
Can I save my job search?
Sure. Just click the "Save this Search" link at the top of the page and it will remember the key words and zipcode searched. It will display all saved searches on the front page of the site for your review each time you log in. Click the link and it re-searches the database for you. You must allow us to set a cookie on your PC to enable our system to remember your saved searches. Without this cookie, the system will not remember them. Bummer.
What is a Periodic job email?
If this option is enabled in your preferences, we will email you notification of new jobs posted. To stop the emails, change your preferences.
How will I be notified of new jobs via my mobile phone?
Heck if we know, but as soon as that technology is available, we'll be on it like a rat on a cheeto.
Why can't I sign in to the Job Board Network?
Make sure you have the correct email and password for Job Board Network, then click sign in. These fields are not case sensitive. If you still receive an error, then please ask for your password to be resent to you.
How do I change my email address or password?
To change your email address or account password, log in, go to My preferences and find the appropriate section to make these changes.
Why does my window resize?
Our web site is programmed to expand all of the windows for you automatically so you can view all of our job postings without extra mouse clicks.
How can make my window bigger when a new one opens?
To get your browser to remember the size it was at, unmaximize your browser window and resize it to as large as you would like. Close all browser windows and launch your internet browser again. It should have remembered the last size.